The Attic

The Attic is where we keep a record of past historical society events, links to documents of historical interest, links to information collected by other historical societies, and other things that we don't quite want to forget about, don't know where to put, and certainly can't think of throwing away!

Boston Cane Holders*

Ann Winifred Davenport
Born June 27, 1923
Gerald Biron
Born November 10, 1922 in Manchester, NH.
Died September 2, 2016
Clara Langley 
Born on June 21, 1913, Clara died December 20, 2015.
(Press release)
Tony Caruso
Boston Cane holder from 2012 to 2013
*History of the Boston Post Cane

2014 Annual Meeting
Judy Rayno and Jack McAuliffe
Recalling life in Wilmot when they were young. (video link)

Pertinent Links

New Hampshire Town Clerk Vital Records 1801-1826
Town of Wilmot
Wilmot Public Library
Wilmot Community Association
New Hampshire Historical Society
New Hampshire Arts Council
Pine Hill Cemetery 
(Now owned by the Town of Wilmot)

Documents of Interest

William Arthur Thompson
One-Room Schoolhouse Reunion Video
The Wilmot Hearse
by Debra Lamson Perkins

Wilmot Center Recollections
Connie Forsham and Mary Jane Ogmundson
Wilmot Center of the 1890s
by Edith Marion Goodhue Campbell - 1968
Veterans War Memorial
History of the Town Pound
Grange Service Flags
Wilmot Congregational Church Recipe Book 1976, WHAT WE 'ET!
Guy Alexander - Wilmot's Early Industries & obit

Billy Buskin Memorial

Donald Hall and Jane Kenyon Interview
with Bill Moyers - December 1993

Isaac B. Youngman Diaries
Donated by Margaret Campbell

(press release)    (photos)

Memorialize your loved ones.
              Have a paver or curbstone engraved and installed at the Veterans Memorial on Village Road. (You do not have to be a veteran.) (form)